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Our Story

We accept being traumatised as something we just have to get used to or as a burden we just have to carry. At Trauma Help we address this perception, because we believe with personal commitment, and the right support and guidance, anyone can free themselves from the effects and symptoms associated with trauma. Trauma can be overcome!

We are passionate about helping people face their trauma and ultimately conquer it. Trauma can be used to learn about ourselves, to grow and again flourish once we have moved past it. This belief ultimately inspired the birth of Trauma Help.

Trauma Help was founded with the sincere hope to create a place where people feel safe and welcome.  Where they can be themselves and where they can find within themselves the wisdom and insights they need to heal.

So how does it work?

At Trauma Help we believe that healing from trauma should be considered in a holistic manner. We realise that each client is unique, thus that their experience of trauma is unique. Therefore, they require unique support. We start off with an in-depth intake procedure where we ask our clients what they need help with, and what they need from this process.

Then we design a tailor-made Trauma Help program for them. Sessions can include trauma techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy, grounding exercises, emotional adjustment, health psychology, etc. If necessary, we will also work alongside other professionals and our clients’ existing support networks in an effort to provide better help.

We can facilitate support in English and Afrikaans.

Want to get involved?

At Trauma Help we don’t just focus on individual clients. We realise and acknowledge that in South Africa we have traumatised families and communities.

If you work in the trauma field or have some ideas or feel passionate about addressing trauma in your family or community – Please contact us. We would like to talk to you. And if possible we would love to work with you…


At Trauma Help we pay tribute to everyone who has experienced the worst the world has to offer. And despite this, have shown, that they can still be resilient, hopeful, grateful, happy and filled with peace. You are the shining beacons of hope to us all.

Best wishes to you and your journey of healing

Meet our team

Louise de Beer
Dr Ilse de Beer
Tsholofelo Mngxali